Hotellobot, Winner at the Technology Innovation Awards | Hotel Tech Live, London

Hotellobot, the personal hotel concierge robot launching Autumn 2018

The Only Personal Hotel Concierge Robot  In The World

The ultimate personal hotel concierge software & Hardware

Voice Hardware + Hotellobot

Our entry point voice software combined with proven hardware from Amazon is a winning combination for a personal hotel concierge in every hotel room.

Screen Hardware + Hotellobot

Our middle of the road offering is a combination of voice software with images and videos using proven hardware from Amazon. The first of its kind in the World.

Robot Hardware + Hotellobot

Our ultimate Personal Robot Hotel Concierge software using our desktop robot providing an unrivalled experience for hotel guests, as well as very valuable data for the hotelier.


Headquartered in London with satellite offices in 22 other Countries we are proud to announce the only Personal Hotel Concierge Robot in the world. We are able to bring extensive experience and customer satisfaction to every room in every Hotel and customize our software to individual hotel needs and concerns. Our software provides extremely valuable data to hoteliers.

What Is Hotellobot?

Hotellobot is the ultimate solution in concierge and guest information services.

Hotellobot Software can be paired with Hotellobot Robot Hardware, or Amazon Dot and Amazon Spot Hardware as alternatives, to create the ultimate guest information service. From their own room, guests can use Hotellobot Software to access hotel-specific information, and find answers to queries instantly. The functionality of this software provides guests with instant assistance and diminish stress on busy reception staff. 

Hotellobot Software and Hotellobot Robot Hardware can be used in tandem, forming the world’s first and only personal hotel concierge robot. While competitors have developed voice-controlled guest information systems, Hotellobot Robot Hardware combines the user-friendly nature of voice and touch screen hardware, while providing a previously unseen level of innovation. Hotellobot Hardware can be synchronised with staff smart watches to create an efficient, hotel- wide hospitality network. Hotellobot alleviates pressure on staff, who are able to efficiently operate within the hotel in accordance with guest request.


Each system is designed bespoke to hotel, and each Hotellobot Robot Hardware unit can be fully branded. 

Hotel Robot Concierge

Our software team bring a wealth of experience to developing customised and bespoke applications. We are on the pulse of modern technology required in Hotels and have monitored their evolution to innovate our own approach — all to give you exceptional hardware and software that will last for years to come.

If you are a Hotelier, please get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you. A personal hotel robot will add an amazing experience for your guests.

Hotellobot Robot

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