About Hotellobot Robot

Hotellobot is a unique desktop robot designed to give your hotel guests the best experience imaginable. Hotellobot eliminates tens of thousands of wasted calls to reception with questions that can be answered instantly by Hotellobot. Hotellobot is able to inform your guests about anything they need to know and more.

The average hotel guest will call reception or room service 4 to 5 times a day. A 400 bedroom Hotel will generate over 1,000,000 minutes of calls on an annual basis. Hotellobot is able to inform guests about everything to do with room functionality; from wifi passwords to tv channel and film listings from the safe operation to ordering food Hotellobot adds efficiency to every Hotel. 

Hotellobot Concierge

Hotellobot combines perfectly with Hotellowatch which is able to seamlessly send information and instructions directly from Hotellobot to those that need them. The Hotel valet will be informed of any room that needs their bags taken to reception; in fact, messages can be sent instantly to any area of the hotel - Restaurant / Bar / Spa / Gym....anywhere!