Hotellobot robot


Hotellobot, the hotel robot concierge

Hotellobot Robot


The combination of Hotellobot Software with the accompanying Hotellobot Robot Hardware is the optimal way to utilize this system, taking Hotellobot from innovative to entirely unique in function. 

The Hotellobot Robot Hardware is the most interactive and functional of all three packages, providing guests with hotel specific information, and well as access to in-hotel booking facilities. Most pivotally, the Hotellobot Robot Hardware can be connected to smart-watch networks for staff, allowing guests to request and order concierge, housekeeping, and room service directly to their room from their room. 

Merging voice and touch-screen control, as well as the ability to combine Hotellobot Robot Hardware with staff smart-watches, guests truly are provided with the ultimate, tailored hospitality experience. 

This hardware and software combination is the first of its kind in its world, and will streamline guest information services into the most efficient they can be. 

With a handful of hoteliers already using voice-control-based systems, Hotellobot Robot Hardware provides new dimensions to in-room guest services, as well as putting participating hoteliers a cut above competitors.