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Hotellobot Screen

Innovative Hotellobot Software can be used in conjunction with Amazon Spot to provide a reliable voice-controlled guest information system and screen-display facility. The combination of Hotellobot and Amazon Spot can display information, images and videos on limited screen. The information this unit can provide is solely hotel specific, and much like the Hotellobot Voice package, guests can make enquiries such as, ‘Can I see the dinner menu?’ or ‘When does the swimming pool open?’ and receive an answer instantly, without leaving the comfort of their room. 


The Hotellobot Screen provides a slightly more interactive service than the Hotellobot Voice package. Hotellobot Software and Amazon Spot provides another dimension to user options, allowing guests to access and request hotel specific information via a touch screen. This option is increasingly user-friendly. 


This unit does not connect to staff smart-watch network and cannot be used to book concierge services.